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Karen Barber has been actively writing for twenty years and is a contributing editor with Guideposts Magazine. Her work also appears in Angels on Earth magazine and Guideposts for Teens. She is featured in the yearly devotional book Daily Guideposts and is the author of Ready, Set...Wait, which is a guidebook for those awaiting recovery, achievement, or a positive change in a difficult relationship. Her most recent book entitled Surprised by Prayer tells of true prayer answers from people all over the country, helping us to discover the sometimes surprising answers to each and every prayer.

Karen has been a guest on over forty radio stations across the country and is a popular speaker. She volunteers as a trained Stephen Minister, providing one-on-one help for individuals going through crisis periods.

Karen and her husband, Gordon, live in the Atlanta area where Gordon works for BellSouth. Karen and Gordon have three sons. Jeff lives with his wife Leah in Durham, NC. Chris is in the US Army at Fort Bragg, and John in the eleventh grade.

Karen's hobbies include home decorating and finding bargains at garage sales.

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Other books by the author

Ready, Set, Wait...
Sooner or later everyone encounters the Wait: an unpredictable quantity of time spent awaiting the attainment of some deep inner longing. For you it may mean wanting a child in the midst of infertility, desiring a mate with whom to share your life, or hoping for a job after a long period of unemployment. Whatever the circumstances, the Wait is one of life's most confusing and painful periods.

But times of waiting can be extremely productive in terms of spiritual growth. The struggles which intended to rob us, have instead been the proving ground where we finally claim our true riches of faith. Using vivid stories of others who have defied the slow-going odds of the Wait, the book points you to the power of God's grace and the comfort of his love.

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