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Personal Prayer Power

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Having a son in Iraq has taught me to rely on prayer more than ever before. I firmly believe from my own experience that God answers each and every prayer. The part that's often missing is our ability to see how God answers prayer, especially when things don't get better.

While I was writing a book on prayer answers entitled Surprised by Prayer I began wondering why I wasn't seeing more answers in my own life. I decided to do an experiement to find 100 personal answers to prayer. At first it seemed like I was going to fail. In order to succeed, I realized that I needed to improve my prayer habits and to expand my definition to prayer answers. As I continued the experiment I found that all answers to prayer fall into three main categories: Action, Presence and Word. Using these categories I was able to find 100 answers in 51 days.

I kept on numbering answers and today I have 1,303 in my journals. Often some of your submissions on this website speak directly to me in answer to one of my prayers.

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Messenger Apparel

We mailed Chris one of these shirts and we bought one for each member of our family to wear because of the powerful message.

The shirt is completely suitable to wear in all countries and cultures of varying faiths because only the person wearing it is aware of the Bible verse printed on the inside of the shirt at the hem that says, "I have given you abilities to overcome all the power of the enemy. Nothing will injure you! Luke 10:19."

Send one to your favorite "Messenger" of freedom today! Available in Men's and Women's styles.